Carver Cares is using evidence based strategies, working from our strategic plan, that helps us to work purposefully within the community. To learn more about our initiatives, please click on the links below.

Coalition Initiatives

Click below to learn more about each initiative.

Sticker Shock Campaign

A Sticker Shock Campaign is a project where the community, youth and alcohol retailers all work together to combat minors getting access to alcohol.

Social Norms Campaign

One commonly known component of social norming is ‘peer pressure.’   Regardless of age, peer pressure is a part of most people’s lives.

Social Marketing Campaign

Social Marketing uses the principals that advertising uses, but geared toward social issues.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Carver Cares uses Hidden in Plain Sight as an exhibit at key events.

Photo Voice

Photo Voice is a project that puts cameras in the hands of creative youth and offers an opportunity to record and reflect upon their community’s strengths and concerns.